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Beneath Lovcen is the town of Cetinje, the capital of Montenegro. It is a town of museums, libraries, galleries, and archives: it is also a town of great history. For centuries, it was the shelter for Montenegrin rulers.

Cetinje is Montenegro itself – her spirit and her truth. One could produce an interesting and beautiful book solely about Cetinje fences, gates and doors. Some buildings and monuments of cultural and historical importance are the Vlaska church           (1886), Biljiarda, the Castle (Museum) of King Nikola (1867), the Blue Castle (1895) and the Royal Theatre Zetski dom, Government House (National Museum of Montenegro)

 The Consulate buildings, built mainly in the late 19th century, according to the projects of foreign architects are witnesses of the European styles of those times. The Russian, French, Austrian and Italina Embassies are outstanding in their beauty and today, some of them, serve as schools for Montenegrin artists.
 In addition, while the representatives of Europe courts came to the small Montenegrin capital, the princesses from Cetinje, being the daughters of king Nikola, went to other European courts, hence connecting them and leaving traces in the history of other nations.
Three great Christian sacred objects remain in Cetinje: the miracle working icon of Our lady Filermosa, the hand of St John the Baptist, and the particle of the cross Christ was crucified on. The natural landscape surrounding Cetinje is extremely interesting: the sea of stones kept enchanting many travel writers.      

Billiard Hall
 In 1838 Njegos built a billiard Hall – the first modern, official, state and diplomatic building, which was at the same time residential, and is encircled by a stonewall with four towers. Now Njegos and the Ethnographical Museum are situated in Billiard Hall. In the backyard, there is a model relief of Montenegro. Its size and precision making it unique and one of its kind in the world. 

 Four rulers from the Petrovic dynasty, four great masters, ruled and preached: unanimity, bravery, patriotism, self – sacrifice, honesty, faith, hope and everything that was supposed to be helpful in order to make the Montenegrins who they are now.
 The founder of the Montenegrin state, Prince – Bishop Petar I Petrovic Njegos ( 1748 – 1930 ) political thinker and lawmaker, a man of vision and strategist, the creator of the Plan about the creation of the state of Slavs and Serbs in 1807, the author of the short history of Montenegro and the Epistles to the Montenegrins and the Highlanders – is one of the most prominent people in the history of the South Slavs at the turn of the centuries.
 Prince – Bishop Petar II Petrovic Njegos ( 1813 – 1851 ), the statesman, warrior and poet,    “with an ease than can be found only among the privileged he dealt with the most difficult eternal topics of life, history science, religion, demonstrating a gigantic power of his imagination and his mind”
 Njegos main work is Mountain Wreath, written in Biljarda and printed in February 1847, in Vienna in the printing house of the Armenian monastery Mehatirista. In the Vienna State Library in 1889 the autograph of 1,528 verses, preserved from the original script, was found.
Montenegro, for both the hands of the church and of the state, which made it the target of the Ottoman forces. It survived in its original form until 1692.
Continuing the Crnojevici tradition, the Prince – Bishop Danilo built a new monastery where the Crnojevici palace used to stand. In the 18th century, this monastery was devastated during a Turkish raid on Cetinje and rebuilt again.


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