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The location of the city of Bar which is two times declared as the most cleanest city in Jugoslavia is very good. Located near the sea, on the foot of the highest coastal mountain Rumija and spread it’s territory until the coast of Scutari lake. After Ulcinj, Bar is the city with the most sunny days in Montenegro, and Ulcinj was the city with the most sunny days in ex Jugoslavija. The swimming season starts in mid – May and ends in November.

The sea temperature is around 21-26 0 C. The most famous and the oldest citizen of the city of Bar is two millennium old Olive tree, and is protected by the law through train Bar is connected to the whole Europe, through highways through whole Adriatic and through the sea with the whole world.

Bar as well represents the most organized city with the best infrastructure in whole Montenegrin sea coast. Economicly Bar also is the richest one. Port of Bar is a main port of Montenegro, very popular one in whole region. Ships from all over the world who distribute Montenegro and Serbia with goods use the services of Port of Bar.

Connections of Bar are also great. Ferry lines which connects this town and Montenegro with Italy are very good.

In Bar apart from natural beauties You are also able to find many manifestation organized all year round, this something with what Bar is among the richest ones.


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Tennis court, basketball pich, football piches, Handball and Volleyball piches
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