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Through as a part of In Montenegro Travel You can book Your plane tickets in couple of minutes.

In Montenegro Travel gives You the possibility that You without seeking and looking in different places for plane tickets, hotels and other services,  with a true proffesional partners and proven company You can now book Your holiday online in less than 10 minutes with all confirmation vouchers on Your e-mail or fax number.

On every company price there is a procentage from air companies representing the income for them. This amount depending on company are around 5 - 15 %.

Why is so special?

The reason is excpet of high proffesionalism which You will find in working with us there are also some advances in prices also.

First of all, our fee is never more than 5 % and we never charge those famouse service charge additional costs.


If You book a hotel or another accommodation through us You will take a plane ticket for a lower price than You can take by booking direct at airline companies?


Every air line company in their prices allways have a fee in region of 5 % calculated for intermmediators. We as a company which cares about it's guests this amount will take off from the price and You will have a lower amount to pay.

Podgorica and Tivat are two airports in Montenegro.

Through us you cam book your plane ticket in just few minutes and few steps.

Send us your details:

  • • name and surname,
  • • passport number,
  • • date of birth,
  • • number of persons destination from / to,
  • • one way flight or two way flight ,
  • • dates: xxxxxxxxxxxx destination Montenegro ( Podgorica / Tivat ) – arrival
  • • Montenegro ( Podgroica / Tivat ) – xxxxxxxxxx destination departure.
  • • Class
  • • Credit card details: credit card number, expirry date, cvc code, name of credit card

After preliminary calcuta, after your confirmation tion of the ticket costs.

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